Dinner Time!

Tonight is steak dinner night, my favorite! My husband Jimmy loves to spoil me. As his sous chef, I take my position at the cutting board; he heads to the garden outback with a pair of scissors. We need fresh herbs for the morel mushroom sauce. I pulled the handle of the potato drawer down by my feet and reached for the half-empty sack hidden inside, putting it on the counter next to the cutting board....

Budget Discovery

I think of myself as pretty budget savoy mother. When it comes to feeding 3 growing boys, I have to get the most food for my buck. Lets face it kids are bottomless pits. Which means I easily spend $200 or more a week on groceries. And that's with school in session. I have learned …

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The Nothing Inside

I'm staring at the blank screen in front of me, trying to figure out how to say what I have been holding inside since the day the truth came out; months ago, now. No words come to mind. Silently weeping There is a flame in my world that is slowly being extinguished. My ability to …

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Bring it 2020!

A look into my daily life. The light and the dark side of it. A celebration one day could be followed by darkness the next. I spent many years learning to cope with my flaws, and feel proud when I manage to keep myself on level ground.