Storyboard Drama

I think I have passed another hurdle in my writing adventures. Progress has been slow. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable when all you seem to want to do is take the easy route. For me, the easy road is procrastinating and pretending like I’m not wasting productive time...

Into the Shadows

“I WILL NOT MARRY HIM!” Helena shouted, “I will not be that Christian's whore, or bear him Christian sons, I would rather slit my own throat!“ She grabbed the small knife sitting next to her plate of untouched food, holding it to her throat for added effect.

Mysterious Forces, and Random Connections

Sorry for the disappearing act. My WordPress bill came due in the middle of a big landscaping project. I debated whether to keep paying or go back to the free version. Having to prioritize funds for projects is always a juggling act. I was trying to decide if th3record was on the list. The universe must have decided it’s odd were too low and found a chill way to text. (Thanks for that, BTW.)


Happy New Year! June Bug the chicken. A day late and a dollar short! That should be the title of my Memoir; if I were to write one. I took a long break from writing. Death and family drama can, and frankly did, take the wind out of one’s sails. So, here I am several months …

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