Poulnabrone Tomb by Rob Shaw

As I continue to forge my spiritual path, I do as I have always done; I research. I have a fondness for asking ‘why’ about literally everything. Which is probably why I’m always researching something. (I may actually be addicted to it honestly, which I’m not entirely sure is healthy.)

I want to learn how to nurture my spirituality. In order for me to achieve that, I am compelled to learn as much as I can about the origins of spiritual awareness. I am starting in an area I have felt a strong connection to from adolescences, as it seems natural to do so.

Lets start from the beginning.

One of my first assignments, in my very first anthropology class, was to do a report on a world heritage site. At the time I had an avid interest in Stonehenge, so naturally I went straight to the UK. To my happy surprise, I discovered the archaeological site of the Bend of the Boyne, in Ireland. Which predated Stonehenge. In fact it is the oldest astrologically positioned structure in the world. Predating even the Pyramids of Egypt. I didn’t know it at the time, but that report woke something in me. Something which has slowly been growing over the last 8 years.


I want to know more about the indigenous people of Ireland. In order to know the unbiased history around such a scared place I fall back on my research, and thirst for the truth. I choose to learn more about the everyday lives of the ancient humans. I don’t think anyone claiming to know the purpose of rituals done before history was written, or the intent behind their unknown rituals, is someone I find genuine.

Do you want to guess what theses were for?
Click the link and submit your theory.

I don’t want to dredge up some imagined fantasy. I simply want to discover my gifts, and learn to use them. The only hard evidence we have about any aspect of their culture, is their burial mounds, which are astronomically aligned, and the artifacts left by the people. Interpretations are subjective. It could be for a multitude of reasons.

There is extensive evidence of settlements, surrounding the mounds that dot the Irish landscape, as well as the islands of the UK. This is the information I wish to know about. The people. I cannot know a spirits mind after death, but I can glimpse how they lived, through what they left behind.

Practice makes perfect. Piecing together my puzzle.

I am going to be purchasing The Modern Herbal Dispensatory written by Thomas Easley, and Steven Horne. I want expert wisdom on when it comes to botanic medicines. While it would be nice to say, ‘yes this recipe was used by a tribal shaman‘, I also want my family to live. From what I have read on early herbal medicine, the herbs were not always safe, and were often misused. In this instance, modern science is better suited for my needs. (Though I will continue to read what I can on rituals used for medicine, in different cultures.)

Without even realizing it, I think I have found my place. I came to this conclusion only just; as I write this post. It’s makes sense to me. I have a very strong feeling that much of what was built by the original tome builders in Neolithic Ireland, was intrinsic with worshiping nature, and tapping into the energy it provides. (I am also certain it was used as much in tribal feuding, and wars. A subject I really want to dive into.) This is a form of worship I can understand. The natural chaos which birthed our world and the universe.

I don’t want to celebrate natural forces by claiming my thoughts are anything more than a woman trying to find her authentic self. So, I will not put a label on it. I will simply call it what it is.

Shaping and molding.

Until next time friends, thanks for reading.

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