I started this website as a way to put myself out there into the writing world. My journey has taken me on some pretty amazing adventures full of ups and downs. Where one chapter closed, another one was opened.

This newest chapter will see me finally realize my dream to become an author, but I need your help to do it. If you are new to my website, you may not know I have recently gone back to school, with the intent to gain a better understanding of the craft of creative writing. I am very glad I did. It has narrowed down my focus, once again, and shown me a better path to achieving my goals. 

With that being said, I come back around to how you all can help me. As we all know professional editing, and getting a book ready to launch requires money. Something of which I don’t have much to spare.  (Kids require a lot of upkeep.) However, instead of asking for handouts, I would like to offer up exclusive access to my debut novel Through Mimic’s Eyes, through paid subscription. My intentions are to post up a chapter a week. (Starting in July.)

I will be putting up a synopsis of the story, along with the first chapter which will be free to read in order for you to decide if it is a story you wish to invest in, so be on the look out!

The goal is to complete the book by the end of the summer, and have enough money to be-able to have my editor look at it. I am really hoping that enough people find my writing worth investing in so that I can check one more thing off my list of personal achievements! I am also excited to hear any constructive feedback you all wish to impart. (But please try to be kind, when pointing out missteps. Tone is a hard thing to detect behind a computer screen, and I am only human after all.)

Thank you in advance for your support in my work, I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you!

(All proceeds go to my professional editing fund, and anything that remains will be put into other aspects of publishing.)