Forging a new path is a winding road, and can lead to a thousand different places. Each place brings a new, but not always exciting, adventure.

I have been trying to figure out my place in the writing community for the last several months. This new expedition has taken me to unexpected places, and I am happy to say it has continued to evolve as I continue my journey. 

I started Th3 Record as a way to introduce myself to the writing community, but I have been struggling to find my voice among all the incredible talent. With this in mind, I have decided I would like to open up volunteer writing positions to anyone in the writing community who wants to share there own journeys with mental health, and how it affects them as a writer.

Together we can help other writers who want to get their name out there, but may not have the confidence or experience they need to build a website and get a head of the competition. Or simply don’t have the time to run one.

I’m know I am nobody special in the great scheme of things. Despite this fact, I have a lot to offer other writers who are also struggling to find their place in the writing world along with me. Those who fight daily with their own mental health, while still pushing forward. Reaching for their goals. Despite their critical inner demons pointing out every flaw.

I have always hated having the spotlight on myself. It makes me see all my weird imperfections. (Thank you anxiety.) So, I’m going to open up the website to other writers who want to share their stories, but don’t want to manage a website or their own. There are so many amazing writers hidden in the shadow, so many stories out there waiting to be told. I interested in giving you a platform, if you’re keen to share them that is.

I want to motivate other writers, because it helps keep me motivated to achieve my own goals. To help folks, like myself, to keep writing their stories even when they want to just throw in the towel. You can’t achieve greatness, while hidden away from the world; right? That’s not how success works!

So, if anyone wants to join me, or wants to collaborate and/or contribute and article shoot me an email!

As always, shaping and molding.